Sunday, January 30, 2011

Canadians at The Beijing World Cup - Tara Whitten & Zack Bell

With strong performances throughout the three day track meet, World Champion Tara Whitten won the Women's Omnium (over-all performance) highlighted by a win in the Individual Pursuit. And Zack Bell finished with a silver for his efforts in the Men's Omnium too! As the Omnium will be showcased in the next Olympics, the Canadian Track team has a great chance to bring us home some hardware.

Now if we could only get CBC or OLN to cover the World Cups .....

Enjoy the ride,

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indoor Training

With all the typical early season shenanigins going on in the pro cycling world - Contador's impending suspension, Matt White getting fired by Garmin-Cervelo, the Landis - Lance continuing saga, I thought it best to talk about what we should all be doing this Winter - training for the next season.

Over the last two weeks, I have been working shorter workouts, but at a higher intensity, looking for a few power gains. However, this week I have started to ride the rollers for tempo workouts (45-60 minutes), and ride the trainer for longer endurance workouts (90-120 minutes). I alternate each day, and plan on extending the time of each workout by about 10-15% each week for about four weeks.

Based on what I have been doing, here is my training advice for this week. WARM-UP! On the rollers, start with a harder gear, but spin at a lower cadence, slowly working up to a tempo cadence of about 100 rpm over 10 to 15 minutes. This will slowly warm the legs, you'll be sweating hard, and will engage any power or strength training that you've done previously. To keep a tempo pace, go ahead and shift back and forth from easier and harder gears. Enjoy!

On the trainer, because of better stability, start with an easy gear, spinning at a high cadence 100-130 for about 5 minutes as an initial warm-up. Pop the gears down to a harder gear, a bit harder than your TT, and grind out some nice circles for about a minute. After that soft pedal for about 2-4 minutes, and then work into your long endurance routine.

Training indoors is always better with something to watch and with some company to pass the time. Try not to get too competitive if training with your training partner. This early in the year is about rebuilding your base, and slowly shedding any access weight from the winter holidays.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Good News in Cycling....

Everybody, this is a direct paste from the Velocity Cycling Club (my colours) web-site, based in Edmonton, Alberta....

As some of you may know, Randy Murchison (Velocity track coach extraordinaire and all around nice guy) and his son Steven will be going to Africa to take part in the Tour d'afrique this January. Steven is riding from Cairo to Capetown, 12,000 km's, and Randy will ride along for the first section to the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. They are doing this in support of Water Can, a charity that works directly on improving safe water access in remote parts of Africa.
The link to Steven's fund raising page is:

The link to the tour d'afrique is:

Thanks from Randy and Steven

Let's all wish for a good adventure and safe riding for Steven & Randy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HTC on Cycingnews & Thoughs on the AC Case

A great article on Cyclingnews. Me thinks that Renshaw can manage the young brash Manixman into maturity.

Now the big elephant that is in the room...

AC is sitting (ok, probably riding) waiting for what is going to happen next after testing positive for "clen." For those that are not in the know, clenbuterol is a WADA banned substance that can reduce body fat and enhance immediate athletic performance. It has some extremely dangerous effects and has been linked to deaths in some amature athletes. Tour de France Champion, Alberto Contador has claim that tained meat was the source of the clen in his blood. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Either way cycling is faced with a second Tour winner that will be soon sanctioned (the first was the dishonest Flyod Landis in 2006). Not good for our sport, however, this proves that the dopping controls work, and that no other sport is as serious as cycling in weeding out all cheaters. As Canadian cycling legend, Steve Bauer has said in the past, let's see what happens if they test all pro sports in North America like they test cycling...


Monday, January 17, 2011

TdU - Stage 1

Looks like HTC-Highroad takes the first stage, but it is Matt Goss that takes the win, and not Cav!

Andre Greipel and old Robbie McEwan round out the Stage 1 Podium.


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