Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Navy SEAL, a Rabbi, and a Surgeon...

What do all three have in common? They are all on course with me at the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon.

As I made my way into Ashland from the Medford International Airport, I was greeted with views of snow covered mountains and lush green boulevards. I am staying at the Cycle Hostel in the core of the little downtown area of Ashland, the hub of coffee houses, tap houses, fine dinning in jeans, and little old houses converted into bed and breakfasts and hostels.

The weather was not to the locals liking, but I am happy, as it is clearly beautiful outside.

The school itself is outstanding. And while I am now only half way through the course, I am happy with the professional  instruction, laid back atmosphere, and fun classmates I have met while here. Rico, the Navy SEAL, shares a workbench and tools with me, next to us are Don, a retired IBM Executive, and Ken, the Surgeon. Across from us is George, the Rabbi. Yes, there are some young guys in the class, and a mother and daughter taking the course together too. We are all enjoying ourselves, as we get deeper into our bikes than we have ever been.

Well, I hope everyone else back home is having a good week too. Once I am done here in Ashland, I will be opening for business in Wainwright, Richter Bicycle Services will actually start doing repairs!