Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Riding with the USMC Wounder Warrior Regiment

At the beginning of 2012, I received an invitation to join the Canadian Forces Soldier On Team for the USMC Trials. So in February, I went down to Camp Pendleton, California to train and race with members of the USMC Wounded Warrior Regiment, USMC veterans, and other ally teams from the UK, Australia, France, the Netherlands, Columbia, and Germany. For the Marines, on the line was an invitation to the USMC Warrior Games Team. For us allies, we had an opportunity to make the Marines earn their selection and to show what we were also capable of as wounded warriors.

Our hosts were outstanding both on and off the "field of battle." I was honoured to meet with many great men and women from all the countries and would return to the USMC Trials in 2013 in a heart beat! My team mates did an outstanding job considering we were a last minute collection - taking home 2 silver and 4 bronze medals in track and in the pool.

I was more than ready for a good race and while it was still winter back in Canada, I was in pretty good form. Despite a few tactical error that kept me from getting in the top 5 (my goal for the race), I managed to finish in 16th place...still in the fight - the Regiment's moto.

More Camp Pendleton Video

Another video from Camp Pendleton.

US Marine Corps Trials - Camp Pendleton

Here is some video of the cycling competition during the USMC Trials. See if you can find me! (Hint: 32 seconds in...)