Tuesday, January 18, 2011

HTC on Cycingnews & Thoughs on the AC Case

A great article on Cyclingnews. Me thinks that Renshaw can manage the young brash Manixman into maturity.


Now the big elephant that is in the room...

AC is sitting (ok, probably riding) waiting for what is going to happen next after testing positive for "clen." For those that are not in the know, clenbuterol is a WADA banned substance that can reduce body fat and enhance immediate athletic performance. It has some extremely dangerous effects and has been linked to deaths in some amature athletes. Tour de France Champion, Alberto Contador has claim that tained meat was the source of the clen in his blood. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Either way cycling is faced with a second Tour winner that will be soon sanctioned (the first was the dishonest Flyod Landis in 2006). Not good for our sport, however, this proves that the dopping controls work, and that no other sport is as serious as cycling in weeding out all cheaters. As Canadian cycling legend, Steve Bauer has said in the past, let's see what happens if they test all pro sports in North America like they test cycling...



  1. Third disqualified TdF winner counting Maurice Garin, 1903 winner and 1904 disqualified winner.

  2. Martin, Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about Garin's DQ in 1904. I should fact check my posts in the future! Bad journalism...