Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dopers Suck

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few weeks, I've been busy, ok?

So the Alberto Contador doping investigation but Spanish Cycling officials has netted nothing but sweet kisses on the defending TdF Champ's buttocks. Sorry for the image, but Spain is again proving itself to be as hard on dopers as cotton candy. AC never refuted the fact that clen was in his blood. He only offered a dubious explanation of tainted meat. Are we sure it was beef? Maybe some milk was tainted? It don't friggen matter! Athletes that have been found with banned substances get some type of sanction, regardless of intent.

In defense of pro cycling, no other pro sport tests to the same standard. Bio-passports to track "normal" body physiology through out the year, tests at races for podium finisher and random participants, and random testing throughout the year, at any time. In fact, pro cyclist are required to maintain strict schedules in order to provide testing officials 100% access. Ask "Chicken" how that goes. Imagine if you will, the morning of game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final or the World Series, say 0300 hours, all the players from both teams are dragged out of bed to provide pee and blood samples. Then a week after the series is over, the results come back and one player from the winning team comes up positive for a banned substance. The Championship team is then stripped of its win, and the runner-up/loser is given the win. Kinda blows if you ask me, but that's how it works in cycling.

So what does this all mean for the UCI and pro cycling? I don't know yet. The UCI and WADA will probably investigate, but AC is cleared to race, and reported to the start line at the Volta Ao Algarve earlier today. Thanks the cycling gods that an ardent and outspoken anti-doper, Philippe Gilbert from Belgium, won the stage. Dopers suck.

Oh yeah, in other big news in cycling, Lance Armstrong retired again.

Ride clean everybody.

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