Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowed-In Sundays

Ahhh, the bane of every cyclist, being snowed-in on a Sunday. Well, that's why we have trainers and rollers.

Today, during the kids' nap time, I will be doing the following workout:

3 minutes light pedal
1 minute hard, 2 minutes light
30 seconds single leg, each leg x 3
2 minutes light pedal
1 minute hard
2 minutes light pedal

Main sets:
3x 10 minute tempo to TT effort with 3-5 minutes light pedal in between

3x 30 second fast spins (high cadence) with 30 seconds light pedal in between
2-5 minutes light pedal (or until the kids wake up and start yelling at me!)

The goal of this workout is to think about and work on sustained efforts during races - bridging gaps, catching up after a mechanical, or making a break. Some easy listening music, like Metallica or Anthrax aught  to keep the pace high!


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