Sunday, June 26, 2011

New National Champions!

As most countries held national championships the weekend, and now there will be a whole bunch of new, and some returning riders representing their country. Cyclingnews link below:

The run down:

Swiss - Spartacus (Leopard Tank)
USA - Matt Busche (Retirement Shack), over George Hincapie
Spain - JJ Rojas (MoviStar), over AC
Italia - Visconti (Farnese)
Britain - Bradley Wiggens (Sky), dragged over the line by a bunch of teammates...
France - Chavanel (Quick Step)
Australia - Bobridge (Garmin-Cervelo)
Belgium - Philly Gilbert (Loto), this guy is killing people this year!
Germany - Wagner (Leopard), but then the Brits, Canadians, and Americans intervened on the behest of France, and then Germany lost...oh wait.

And Canada - Svein Tuft of SpiderTech doubles up as TT and Road champ this year. Clara Hughes wins the womens TT and Fortin wins the womens road race. For Hushes, this is the first championships since 2003 (that is like 8 years for those that aren't counting). For Team SpiderTech, somebody from the team was going to win something, or Steve Bauer would have made the team do hill repeats and sprint intervals until they were invited to the Tour de France....

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