Saturday, June 4, 2011

Richter Bicycles Cycling Kit

OK everybody,

Richter Bicycles is getting ready to order our initial cycling kit order. While prices are to be confirmed, we are not planning on outrageous pricing! To get an idea on pricing, most shops charge between $60-100 for a new jersey, and $70-200 for a new pair of bib shorts. We plan on being between $100-125 for a combination deal of jersey and bib shorts/shorts (TBC). Here are the proofs for the kit:

Sizing will be based on a "Racer Cut" which mean that if you are not comfortable with tight fitting cycling gear, than order once size up. For example, I usually wear a large cycling shirt (due to my massive musculature of course!) and wear a medium short or bib short. The same will be with women's sizing. For the women, I will be ordering shorts, and for the men, bib shorts. Exceptions can be made if you are a guy and prefer shorts, or a woman and prefer bib shorts. To pre-order, contact us at and use the subject "Pre-Order RBS Cycling Kit."

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